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"A triumph. The cast is all very strong...Ted Stephens III does an excellent job as Daniel Boone, our cocky, vulnerable guide; centering the story."
Review of American Western from "The Gainesville Sun"

"...Ted Stephens III does star as Bobby Child, the Easterner who finds himself face down in the heart of rural Nevada. A wonderful singer, dancer and actor, Stephens’ high-energy performance is at the center of all the action. He really can do all three at once — a perfect 'theater three-peat' with talent and verve to spare. He even plays a character who disguises himself as another, and does an excellent job with that as well.

"A fabulous romantic hero, Stephens plays Child as both sweet and determined. He gives him drive and gentleness, and infuses his work with a rich understanding of the character that comes through loud and clear. And his footwork on the many, many dance numbers is great stuff."
Review of Crazy for You from "The Quad City Times"

"...Ted Stephens III also turns in superb work--giving an emotionally charged performance that careens from comic to tragic with stunning accuracy--and he has a couple of solo numbers that are incredibly intimate and powerfully moving. Stephens also brings considerable talent to a couple of big dance numbers that feature Swann."
Review of My Favorite Year from "The Quad City Times"

"Ted Stephens is really the standout bug, though. He plays Centipede, the self-appointed leader of the bug clan. His strutting bravado and brash self-interest is as funny as it is cheeky, and he has several musical numbers that show off his attitude as well as his voice and dancing. In fact, Stephens manages to make a centipede a pretty sexy thing to be (which is another plus for some adult audience members), and--ranked for sheer, full-force, energetic delivery--his numbers are the best in the show."
Review of James and the Giant Peach from "The Quad City Times"

"Ted Stephens III is another standout, as Stine, the fiction writer who tries to get some of his work in the screenplay he is being paid to write. He plays a lanky dweeb of a man, full of imagined strength and too-real weakness, and pulls of the complex role with sensual, literary grace. He is also a singer with an absolutely fabulous voice, and his vocal numbers soar with supple, marvelous skill. His duets with Potter--"You're Nothing Without Me" and its reprise--are gorgeous, fully-realized songs, good enough to make you buy another ticket just to get to hear them again."
Review of City of Angels from "The Quad City Times"

"...a rowdy spoof with heart...Jumping into the breach is Duke (Ted Stephens), Pippi's ex-boyfriend, who comes roaring into Armadillo Acres looking for her."

"...impeccable timing and with a sense of fun that never is disrespectful..."
Review of The Great American Trailer Park Musical from "The Gainesville Sun"

"The outstanding voices make this show a winner. It could become a cult classic."
Review of The Great American Trailer Park Musical from "Entertaining U: Jacksonville's Weekly Entertainment Newspaper"

"The pacing and delivery really pick up as the show moves along, particularly when Cassie (Claire Richards) and Glenn (Ted Stephens III) arrive. These two performers play characters who snipe at each other with real vengeance--an aspiring "senator" and his wife; the most realistic of all the pairs you see here--and Richards and Stephens turn in first-class work laced with acerbic, bitter undertones that are too distinct to miss."
Review of Rumors from "The Quad City Times"

"Visiting actors Stephen Barth (of Lincoln, Neb.) and Ted Stephens (of Davenport, Iowa) played the father and son roles of Senex and Hero, respectively...Stephens' Hero exuded innocence and awkwardness."
Review of A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum from "Duluth News-Tribune"

"The finest work in the show came from the men's ensemble during their song and dance numbers, and from Ted Stephens, who starred as the ambitious Finch...Stephens made Finch actually likeable--even occasionally winsome."
Review of How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying from "The Quad City Times"

"This is riveting theater with a perfect ensemble cast..."
Review of The Exonerated from "The Gainesville Sun"


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